Antibody Humanization  Shopping Mall

Antibody humanization is used to reduce the immunogenicity of animal monoclonal antibodies and enhance their activity within the human immune system. Healsun Biopharm can design appropriate humanized sequences based on the mouse-derived antibody sequences and attempt to remove PTM sites during the humanization design process to address drug-related risks at an early stage.

  • 5 weeks from humanization design to delivery of plasmid & protein
    The Off rate ranking results differ from the humanized molecules of chimeric antibodies by less than 3-fold
    Delivery of all plasmids and provision of 0.5-1mg of affinity-purified humanized antibodies
    Multiple strategies employed for antibody humanization modifications

Yeast Display

The client's sequence will be optimized using a screening library approach to address concerns, construct improved vectors, and confirm retained activity.

  • Affinity maturation
    Improved hydrophobicity
    PTM removal