Highly Expressed Cell Line Development

Healsun Biopharm commenced its journey as a reputable service provider of cell line development, which is a critical step in CMC development: the quality of cell line development directly determines the final product quality, which impacts the difficulty and timeline of process development, as well as commercialization costs.

Our HaoYue Cell Line Development Platform, based on commercially licensable CHO-K1 host cells and proprietary high-expression vectors, provides faster and more robust cell line development services, ensuring optimal product quality and reducing development timelines and commercialization costs.

  • 50% of the 34 delivered projects in 2022 are complex protein molecules such as bsAbs/trisAbs/enzymes, etc.
    In compliance with the submission requirements of NMPA/FDA
    Chemically defined, including commercially available media and Healsun-developed media
    10 weeks from transient transfection to TOP clones’ fed-batch culture
    After14-day fed-batch cultivation, TOP clones typically achieve titer of 5-10g/L
    Traceable documentation and monoclonality ensured by SCP & CSI