Upstream Process Devlopment

The upstream development platform is equipped with diverse cell culture and analysis systems, focusing on cell culture process development and process scale-up. It supports various stages of biological development: process development, process characterization, process change, etc.

This platform can provide process development for different cultivation modes tailored to various projects, including conventional fedbatch, continuous or enhanced upstream processes. HealSun Biopharm has rich and mature experience in enhancing product yields and optimizing product quality attributes.

  • A diverse range of cell culture and analysis systems: 16*3L + 4*15L bioreactors
    Offers process development of various cultivation modes for different projects: develops fed-batch,perfusion and continuous fed-batch (CFB) processes by ATF2, enables the development of perfusion cultures lasting up to 2 months
    High-throughput process optimization by 24-well deep-well plates

Case 1: Adjustment of Antibody Glycosylation

  • By optimizing upstream process parameters, it is possible to adjust the glycosylation level of the product.

Case 2: Adjustment of BsAbs Fragment Proportion

  • Significant reduction in the proportion of fragments and aggregates, as well as an increase in the proportion of intact protein, achieved through optimization of process parameters.